Mutant Monster Truckz!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Mutant Monster Truckz Are Coming For You Pin Head! BEWARE! =) From the crazy mind of Loony Bin Pinz to the wicked skillz of Color Bomb Tattoo in Milwaukee Wisconsin! The homie Shannon Walton designs all the truckz in the Mutant Monster Truckz series! He is a full time tattoo and air brush artist at Color Bomb Tattoo in Milwaukee. Check his instagram out @colorbomb76 The pinz are currently in production and will be heading to the loony bin soon! The truck series will be expanding beyond the realm of TMNT so make sure you collect them before they ride off and crush your dreamz like an old junk car at a monster rally! Stay Tuned! Stay Gassed! Stay Ready Pin Headz! -James

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